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Families spend at least 20% of their budgets on clothing and related items. The fashion world makes sure the styles change so that we have to constantly update our wardrobes. Children need new clothes every season. Therefore, since most of our shopping hours are spent in this pursuit, more of the stores are clothing stores and a large proportion of the discount listings here are for clothing. Try some new ones in different areas and you will soon learn which ones are best suited for you and your family. You will quickly become as comfortable in these stores as you were in your old retail mall. A good number of them are family enterprises, so the service is friendlier and much more helpful than you would find in the regular retail stores or department stores. So why not save money and get better treatment at the same time?

Below you will find a tasty selection of the 1500 businesses which appear in the Smart Shopping Montreal book. This is just an hors d'oeuvre and you really need to buy the book to get the whole scrumptious meal.




Holiday Wear for Children



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Men-Custom Suits

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