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Morris Charney

Specialty Services (Home Inspections)
Tel: 514-937-5100

Real estate agents fret when they hear that Mr. Charney is doing the building inspection because he works independently of them and they're afraid that he is too thorough, too qualified. He does all kinds of buildings from single-family homes to condos on the residential side as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Charney is good at finding defects and has the latest equipment in that regard. He believes that a purchaser has the right to be properly informed of what it is they are buying. Most consumers don't realize that the "new" Civil Code of Québec [1994] deregulated building inspections so that anyone has a right to do them even the purchasers themselves. The only stipulations are that it be done in a "prudent and diligent" manner, "without the need of expert assistance". A pre-purchase inspection is not an expertise, not when it is based on a one-time visit of just a few hours.

Most inspectors when they find a defect will refer the matter to an expert. Mr. Charney is an expert, a member of two Québec "Orders" ­ professional (practicing) architect and city planner. His practice has included renovating many homes, offices and stores so he has a good idea of what things cost. He has been doing building inspections longer than anyone else in Québec and has worked all across North America. He is a member of IHINA (Independent Home Inspectors of North America) based in Boston ­ and he happens to be a Harvard graduate.

Typical pre-purchase inspections run at $1500 + tax for a verbal report. It requires the participation of the purchasers and a statement of fact is only issued if the purchasers decide that they would prefer to withdraw their purchase offer because one or more significant defects were found. If, on the other hand, the purchaser is not inclined to participate in the inspection (it can take a few hours or more), prefers a complete report, then the cost is doubled. The report includes enlarged photos which actually illustrate the defect (the right picture is worth a 1000 words). Reference is made to current and past building codes. All reports are customized narratives, not computer-generated checklists, nor a lot of description of what's there (not an inventory) ­ just the defects, clearly explained. The information provided in both the verbal and written reports are the same.

It is money well spent since your house is one of the largest investments of your life.

Please check out his LinkedIn site which contains numerous up to date posts regarding typical defects that have been discovered.

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