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Lanctôt Floor Design-Center

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148 Boyer, St-Isidore J0L 2A0
corner: St-Regis
Tel: 514-875-1954

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For over 132 years, the Lanctot family has been selling flooring, and has always been known for choice and service - and their prices are low all year round. Can you just imagine how many satisfied customers that adds up to?

The huge warehouse offers hundreds of options for floating and hardwood floors (look for the bargain bins starting at $.89), including condo solutions and ceramic tiles (starting at $1.25). You can select from amongst 500 area rugs, carpeting and vinyl flooring (lots of remnants too). There are options to decorate walls, and even staircases can be created here. It is so nice to shop at a store which has the comfortable feel and friendlinss of a family business.

In floating floors, you have many tree options such as: oak, maple, ash, beech and cherry, as well as ones that look like natural stone or ceramic.

For hardwood options, there's cherry, white oak, red oak, hard maple, silver maple, ash, wild cherry, beech, larch and walnut. Where else could you find so many exotic species too: jatoba ipe, bamboo, tauari, cumaru, cabreuva, tiger wood and kempas?

An entire wing is dedicated to ceramics in many types and sizes for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. Along with the ceramic and natural stone tiles, you can also buy granite, marble, slate, porcelain and even faux wood.

They are one of the few businesses which have a good selection of vinyl flooring. They inform you that this is a great floor product because you can stand for long periods of time on vinyl floors without ending up with back, leg or knee problems.

You can also shops for many types of wall coverings like decorative stone, natural stone, decorative brick, wood siding and decorative panels.

Lanctôt also offers two types of staircases: modular and traditional. Staircases generally form the heart of a home. They can usually be seen from the entrance, and often take centre stage. Replacing a staircase can considerably increase a home’s value.

The modular staircase is the staircase of the future. Components are factory pre-cut and finished, so installation is simple and hassle-free. Modular staircases are made of solid wood. The traditional staircase is still the most common, and is usually installed by a cabinetmaker. Risers and false stringers are made of wood veneer.

For businesses, contractors and architects, Lanctot offers a turnkey service which can include:

- major commercial floor coverings
- linoleum
- homogeneous vinyl
- rubber
- ceramics
- commercial carpet in rolls or tiles
- specialized products

Both individuals and businesses happily shop here. They also offer services for insurers and claim adjusters.

Lanctot is only 15 minutes across the Mercier bridge, and the sheer volume (100,000 sq.ft.) of merchandise is worth the ride. Good news for those of you living west of Beaconsfield: Lanctôt is closer with the new highway 30. You can avoid the hassle of the Mercier Bridge and easily get to Lanctôt's main store in St-Isidore. Check their web site for their location and a map.

Their website is an excellent place to start for questions regarding the pluses and minuses of the different types of flooring. It's funny that you can buy wood flooring which looks like ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles which appear to be wood. They really have every choice you could ever want when you shop at Lanctot.


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148 Boyer, St-Isidore J0L 2A0 514-875-1954 Main location
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