Welcome to Smart Shopping Montreal! Monday, July 22 2024

About the Book

Everyone has to shop. There's no reason to waste time shopping for price when the job has already been done by this best-selling book. Shopping local is what this book is about, so you can stay green, save money and help a Montreal family business at the same time.

Over 125,000 loyal readers for the past 29 years have bought my book to find all the discount stores, and my Shlog (shopping blog) attracts over 1,000,000 clicks each month.

Those of you with less and less time for shopping will enjoy sitting in a comfy chair with the book (or web site info), calling stores to ask questions in advance. Save time by planning, instead of cruising expensive malls or wasting earth's resources by having online orders shipped here. Just think - by saving even a minimum of 20% on most of your purchases, you are in effect giving yourself a pay raise - you'll have more disposable income.

All it takes to be a smart shopper is knowing how to save time and money while shopping. If you know where to go for the bargains, who to call when something breaks, or where to buy that something special, you've accomplished that goal. This book covers all three topics.

Bargains have finally become respectable. Part I of the book covers over 700 locations around the city (and then another 100 in factory buildings) where the smart shopper can save at least 20% on clothing, household, food and leisure products. Why not make your dollar go as far as possible?

Part II helps the smart shopper resist the throw-away nature of our society by leading you to the wonderful repairmen and master craftsmen who can fix those treasures or broken household items (and save you money by not having to buy a new one!).

Lastly, Part III explores the wonderful variety of unique or unusual specialty stores (which can sometimes get a bit pricey) that one can browse through and shop in. The smart shopper knows where they are. Develop a spirit of adventure and an inquiring mind, and seek out these terrific spots in Montreal - a city which is a wonderful blend of European couture and craftsmanship with American know-how.

Smart Shopping Montreal has evolved electronically, and can now be purchased as an e-book in the form of a downloadable PDF file which can be viewed on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

The first bargain you'll find is this book, because with the very first item you buy using it, you'll make back the cost of the book.