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Smart Shopping Montreal

by Sandra Phillips


Hi Smart Shoppers,

Head right over to my shlog (shopping blog) so you get to be at the front of the lines of all the sales and deals in the city. I write all week long, dishing out the details in a constant stream to let you in on all the insider information that hits my screen, desktop or eyeballs. Knowing how to save time and money is a great asset. I do all the work for you, and you save the $$.

I have the scoop on the warehouse sales, and I offer suggestions of where to shop for clothes, food, household items, repairmen, second-hand stores and for special hard-to-find things all over town. You'll be privy to some of my own secret shopping tips, and you'll know when a store has moved, opened a new location or closed. Following my advice, expect to save about 20% of your shopping budget by shopping smartly.

Be among the tens of thousands of fans who benefit from my advice every month.

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Look at the Table of Contents in the top left corner of this page. If you want to start shopping right now, click on the subjects: Clothing, Household, Leisure, Food, Second-Hand, Repairmen, Specialists, International Food or Specialty Services to find a tasty selection of Montreal businesses like the 2,000 businesses which appear in the Smart Shopping Montreal book. This is just an hors d'oeuvre, and you really need to buy the book to get the whole scrumptious meal.

Those of you with less and less time for shopping will enjoy sitting in a comfy chair, clicking on this info and being able to call stores to ask questions in advance. Save time by planning, instead of cruising expensive malls or wasting earth's resources by having online orders shipped to you.

Just think - by saving money on your purchases, you are in effect giving yourself a pay raise - you'll have more disposable income.

Buy the Book

Wow - a personally autographed copy of Smart Shopping Montreal! Fans can enjoy a signed copy of my current Smart Shopping Montreal book ($21.95 +$5 for taxes and shipping- NO charge for personalisation ). You will make your money back on the very first thing you buy when using my book. Buy the Book

Wondering what's in the book? Click here to see what it covers.

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