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"I Love your book, you are a Goddess for those who love shopping but hate retail prices! “ LW

“You are really a wealth of knowledge and everyone should beg borrow or steal your books, they are so helpful and save a person a lot of time, hunting and going on.” JK

Thanks for the great tips on your website. I always enjoy going through pages. RR

I would simply like to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy reading Sandra Phillips. Through her I have been able to make what I consider significant savings with my family budget. She certainly has saved me much leg work and has opened me up to products/wares which I might otherwise not know about, nor purchase. JR-Z

I remember when you were first starting out and I got the first edition of your book, thinking then that it was a brilliant idea. Now I cannot imagine what we would do without you. So many times my friends and I are looking for something, searching the net or calling each other, and then we realize "Oh ya. Let's look at Smart Shopping Montreal!" You never let us down. FZ

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By the way, your work is invaluable. I make a point to consult your blog regularly as my book has vanished! Thank you for help. CL

Your website is truly the best for all-things Montreal! AS

Your claim that I would make my money back the first time I used your book is correct - Tyr swimsuit, $30 (cheap Speedos are $55 plus tax and that kind of Tyr is $80). So... confirm! And thank you. I do wish I had bought your book when I moved here in 2009. EC

Advertiser: and a special thanks to Sandra, we already had new clients!!! It is our 30th anniversary, and we appreciate all the publicity we can get! JD

I actually hate shopping and have to tell you that Sandra Phillips has helped me over the years, I just read her book and blog and can go right to the place where my needs can be met!! All the research has been done for me, I'm sure she has added years to my life!! Many thanks!! JA

Advertiser: WOW! We really appreciate your support! I'm sure it will make a difference in our warehouse sale. I thank you and all the Smart Shopping Montreal team for all your help these past years. Keep the awesome work! AAH

loved your site and the many helpful leads you provide. G

We always look forward to your words and have shopped at many of your recommended stores and boutiques....thank you JLB

What a lifesaver you are. You are the best. AC

Thank you very much, I already have two books of yours, You are really a wealth of knowledge and everyone should beg borrow or steal your books, they are so helpful and saves a person a lot of time, hunting and going on. JK

Advertiser: you guys are tremendous Thanks SS

Just to say hello and to tell you how much I enjoy your blog (I love the shlog). Have been lurking for a long time and as you have really been a great source for me I felt it was time to tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful work you do and the care with which you write. Many many thanks and congrats on a great b(sh)log! KGD

I love your website and book! Thank you Sandra, you're a gem! EL

Thanks so much! I read you all the time. Thanks for doing all the legwork for everyone. I hope that you know how much you are appreciated! JB

Let me start off by saying that I've been a fan of your's for years. Love your book, blog and in particular, enjoy listening to you when you're on Tommy's show on CJAD. You are always so imformative and caring! MB

Advertiser: You’re an amazing lady. Can’t say enough nice things. Barry Frank, Normandy Carpets

T Ailleurs, dans votre contenu, je constate que vous faites de grands efforts au plan de la qualité du français. Ai acheté votre livre il y a plusieurs années et j’ai grandement apprécié vos recherches pointues… Salutations et meilleurs vœux de succès, RP

I appreciate your superb advice and wish you continued success. New Yorks loss is Montreal's gain. Your advice is priceless. HR

I declare myself as a fanatic reader of your guides from the first to the last edition, in addition to your column in the Gazette. Keep up the good "hunting work" for all your followers. CK

Hello Sandra, I applaud and commend your brilliancy !!!! Go girl !! I can't thank you enough !! Your a goddess !! It's the truth !! I will definitely be looking forward to your 2011 book. With much gratitude NF

Shopping experience using Smart Shopping Montreal web site and book: Just wanted to drop you a line to say we had a wonderful experience at Bridalane on Chabanel. I had my Smart Shopping book in my hand with yellow post-its marking all the places we were to visit that day looking for a graduation dress. Todd was wonderful, mentioned that you had been in his store a couple of time and he wanted to see what you had written about his shop. He was pleased and pass my book around to his colleagues to read.

Bridalane was the first shop that we went to, found a wonderful dress but still wanted to check out the other stores. They were very kind, allowed me to put a deposit down, which I could have back if we found something elsewhere. Todd had even offered me a reduced price, we had until 12:30 to return. We ended up going to a couple of other places but my daughter had already really made up her mind. Within 1/2 hour we were back at Bridalane and ready to purchase. I couldn't believe it, we were walking out with a dress after only an hour and a half of shopping.

Our next stop is to have the dress hemmed and taken in a little. Todd did mention his lady but she is in LaSalle I was hoping to find someone local. Looked into your book and found a woman with golden fingers, I will be calling her tomorrow.

Your book is full of wonderful adventures and am looking forward to my next one. Thank you BF

Thanks for all your hard work! Thank you Sandra. You cover so much ground that it is a surprise to think one can make a contribution, but delighted to have done so. I've been consulting your book since around 1990 or so. HM

Although I'm not that much of a shopper, I do like a good price on necessary items, so I found you very informative. Thanks for all the tips. I'm keeping them for future use. BS

I am an avid listener to your advice and also use your book religiously when I shop. NB

Your column may have been the one Gazette feature we both (my wife and I) devoured. WP

I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your columns in the Gazette and have benefitted greatly from your books LG

You are the best and most interesting of the columnists on that paper GKP

I'm a faithful reader of your column and enjoy it immensely. AD

Your column is the first thing I look in Tuesday paper and have cut and saved each one of them. My husband and I have shopped for various items in some of the shops that you have indicated in the column. Unless I have read about these places in you column we would have never known about the existence of these shops. Thank you for your service. BD

I am constantly listening to your show with Tommy and thank you for all the good shopping ideas that you have offered Montreal over the years and your wonderful book. SV

Your information is always appropriate and helpful. I look forward to reading you Thank you so much, MA

I have always been an admirer of your shopping expertise especially since I hate shopping. BB

I am a great reader and supporter of ‘Smart Shopping Montreal”. I love the book and every time we have to buy, we make reference to your text. Keep up the good work. GE

Thank-you for writing such a useful column and I enjoy your books as well PP

I listen to your show regularly and find it very informative. NN

Thanks a lot for all your great shopping tips. I love your weekly feature!! LZ

I continue to enjoy reading your articles in the Gazette and over the years have given your “Smart Shopping” to my friends. VL

Please continue to find great bargains for us Montrealers...MP

You always come up with the answers for me....Thank you so much. PW

I have been a devotee of your column for many years, and have found your recommendations to be very helpful. DM

I found your Smart Shopping Montreal 2004 edition in the library recently and really enjoy it. I would like to purchase the latest edition for a gift. Thanks for a great book. SM

I have saved many of your articles over the years and they've been of great use to me. I read your column religiously and must tell you that you are the best resource of "things Mtl." CG

I enjoyed your informative presentation tonight. You are an amazing wealth of information. SB

Thank you for your help! You are a great resource. And your books are fun and useful too. GC

To tell you that I and many others (we actually discuss her column), really like Sandra Phillips' column in The Gazette. Her wealth of information is so valuable to your readers. She's also very keen in accommodating readers who have misplaced an article as I did the other day. She responded immediately in giving me the address I wanted. Hope Sandra's days at The Gazette are there for good! GE