Welcome to Smart Shopping Montreal! Friday, March 27 2015

Smart Shopping Montreal

by Sandra Phillips


Hi Smart Shoppers,

The thousands of you who have been reading my shlog (shopping blog) are at the front of the lines of all the sales in the city. I shlog a few times a week, dishing out the goods in a constant stream to let you in on all the insider information that hits my screen, desktop or eyeballs. In these tough economic times, knowing how to save time and money is a great asset.

I have the scoop on the secret warehouse sales and offer suggestions of where to shop for clothes, food, household items, repairmen, second-hand stores and for special hard-to-find things all over town. You’ll know when a store has moved, opened a new location or closed and you’ll be privy to some of my own secret shopping tips.

Many of you know me since I showed up at your breakfast table in my column in the Gazette newspaper for 17 years, from my 26 years on CJAD and my CTV news appearances. If you want more access to me and my info, you can now become a member of my Sandra’s Smart Shopping Montreal Club. This way you can read my shlogs (and twitter posts) every week here on my website on whatever day and whatever time suits your schedule.

Wow - a personally autographed copy of Smart Shopping Montreal!

Since you have been my fans for so long, I have a gift for you. If you sign on now to become a member of Sandra’s Smart Shopping Montreal Club, I will be sending you a signed copy of my current Smart Shopping Montreal book (regular price $21.95 + tax). The Club Membership, postage and handling charge is only $26.48. It conveniently arrives at your door - no need to run to a store to get each new edition. All yearly Club members will get each new edition every single year they join, as well as all the other club benefits.

Even More for You

Members can take advantage of my Question and Answer Service where you can e-mail shopping questions and I will answer them and:
- Unlimited use of all website features
- Access to all past Question and Answer pages
- Access to past columns
- My e-mail newsletter
- If you hire me for your organization to speak or to organize a shopping tour, you will get a discount on my fees.

All for Club Members

All of this is coming to you as part of your membership. The price comes to only about seven cents a day. The total value of membership is over $500 per year.

You will make your money back on the very first thing you buy when using my books, columns, newsletters or shlog info, so it’s almost like getting it for FREE every year. With my help, Smart Shopping Montreal Club members will save time and money when shopping. I do all the work for you and you save the $$.

If you are a Montreal-based business, contact us to join our site!

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