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Services Spécialisés (Inspection en bâtiment et renovations)
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With an Engineering degree, Allan White, a 25-year veteran certified building inspector (independent of real estate agents) can inspect your property before a purchase or sale of a house. Expect a full inspection to take about 5 to 6 hours and to receive a report (with photos and repair costs). It can be verbal as well.

It's so important to choose a professional expert to do your full inspection, either for the pre-purchase or pre-sale of a home. Someone with his longstanding qualifications and schooling is what you need for legal expertise when there's a problem with defects, be they apparent or latent. You want an expert with years of engineering and construction experience who can troubleshoot for structural and architectural damage to the entire building envelope, including things like foundation problems or water infiltration leading to mold and condensation.

Inspectopro's reports are detailed and narrative, about 80-100 pages long. Allan reports objectively and fairly, with an accurate and understandable explanation of the problems and a realistic time frame, including estimation of repair costs.


- Residential and apartment inspections
- Prepurchase inspections of new and re-sale buildings
- Non-destructive investigation of building problems
- Post-construction building problem analysis
- Pre "Warranty Expiry" inspection
- Moisture problem analysis


- Damage evaluations and costing
- Condition surveys
- Technical audits
- Quantity surveys


- Drafting and artistic renderings
- Consulting
- Costing and Estimating
- Quality control during construction
- Photography during construction

"Having a home inspected is a pivotal step in the purchase process, yet many buyers don't give it the merit it deserves. Home buyers should choose a home inspector with as much care as they choose a doctor, particularly since there is no regulation, either federal or provincial, which governs the industry. Contrary to popular belief, home inspectors are not members of a professional order, and anyone (even you!) can call themselves a building inspector."

Your house is the biggest investment you will ever make. You want to get the most qualified person to make sure you are spending wisely. With Inspectopro's years of expertise, Allan can find what less experienced inspectors would not recognize; he has experience in looking for small clues which might lead to big problems. Houses can be checked out in the Greater Montreal area and in cottage country too.

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