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Tan Tan Kat Maison Des Artistes

Leisure (Hand Made Soaps / Soap Making Parties)
3920 rue Saint-Denis Montreal, QC H2W 2M2
corner: rue Roy
Tel: 514-451-3888

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Tan Tan Kat Maison Des Artistes is a new concept artisan soap company which creates skin food and soul food.

In the privacy of your bathroom, you can allow yourself to zone out and relax, allowing the tap of creativity to flow. So their goal is to inspire you with plenty of aromatic excitement to invigorate all your senses.

Tan Tan Kat is a boutique which incorporates a traditional store front with interactive workshops. You have the option of the convenience of purchasing a handmade product or customizing your own through a no-instructor "game based" experience. TTK workshops are enjoyed by everyone from young professionals to moms with kids, to trendy teenagers. The experience is not only a fun activity, but creative stimulation of the five senses. Activities which emphasize three or more of the five senses will naturally stay in your memory longer and leave you with a more pleasant feeling without you even being aware of it.

When you get hungry, you crave a delicious meal made with healthy ingredients - so does your skin. You no longer have to feed your skin "malnutritious canned food" when you can give your skin a treat. At Tan Tan Kat, all of their products are carefully handcrafted with 100% vegan ingredients which are kosher certified and biodegradable. They add in selected organic oils and essential oils to add benefits for your skin. Free from preservatives and alcohol, their soaps are truly a luxurious healthy treat for your hungry skin.

The Workshops:

To make your own soap, you can choose from over 300 unique soap molds to get your inspiration started. You get to be creative by assembling your own soap designs, inventing your own colors and fragrances. Your hands keep busy while enjoying music, sipping loose leaf floral teas and munching popcorn. It's a perfect way to spend time relaxing with friends and family. After bringing your unique creations home, they continue to remind you daily of how fun and creative you can be.

Birthday Parties - $228 + Tax:

All ages could enjoy having a birthday party (or any other kind of party) here, which includes:

- 10 bags of soap base-for max 10 people
- Access to all workshop tools
- Choice of 300+ different soap molds
- Choice of 100+ vegan fragrances
- Choice of vegan colorants

For reservations, please book online or by telephone 514-451-3888

Quality of TTK Soaps:

- No animal testing
- 100% Vegan
- Kosher
- Biodegradable
- High moisturizing formula
- Creamy luxurious lather
- No harmful chemicals
- No alcohol
- No preservatives
- Neutral pH of approx. 7.8

At Tan Tan Kat they believe that everyone is creative, and everything you surround yourself with should inspire you. Their products are of excellent quality for your skin and can be a perfect gift for all ages, genders and cultures.

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Additional Information
Website www.tantankat.com
E-mail hello@tantankat.com
Metro Stop Station Sherbrooke
Hours Thurs-Sun by reservation