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Boutique Java Kap

Food (Coffee Capsules)
4583 St. Charles Blvd. Kirkland QC H9H 3C7
corner: rue Oakwood
Tel: 514-675-4410

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It's always great to support a family business, and Boutique Java Kap, which opened in October 2013, sells capsules for all single serve coffee and espresso machines. Finally, West Islanders can shop in their neighborhood for their favorite coffee flavors. All diehard coffee lovers who do not live in the West Island - it's worth the travel to get there.

This is coffee heaven, since they have over 350 choices. The walls are lined with bins of capsules, and you can wander through and select a variety of flavors, or you can buy them pre-boxed - all of the same kind. You can make your own mix of 24 Keurig compatible capsules for only $17.50 - that's less than $.73 per cup. They provide cute shopping trays to use as you walk around, which keep track of how many capsules you have selected. Customers often refer to the store as a candy store for adults.

The shop sells all the Keurig brands you know and love, such as Green Mountain, Van Houtte, Donut House, Eight O'clock, Timothy's World Coffee etc., as well as the high end Keurig brands Starbucks and Barista Prima. In addition to that they have all the popular Keurig compatible brands, namely Brown Gold, Brooklyn Bean, Grove Square, Jetsetter, Authentic Donut Shop, Hurricane, Barnie's Coffee, Hamilton Mills, Martinson and Caza Trail. For those of you seeking premium coffee brands, you can try: Peet's Coffee from San Francisco, Marley (varieties include the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain) or Second Cup. They have a large selection of Tassimo products as well as the hard to find new flavors.

There are environmentally conscious options as well. They offer capsules that eliminate the plastic bottoms, so there's just a filter hanging from the plastic rim. These products are between 90%-97% biodegradable. Brands for these are: One Coffee - Organic, Doi Chaang Coffee Co - Organic, San Francisco Bay, and Club Coffee. There are also 100% biodegradable pods available in a large selection for only $.50 a cup.

They do have Nespresso compatible capsules, Cap'Mundo (an artisan espresso from France), Smart Coffee (from the U.K.) and Espresso Italia (from Italy). For your Nespresso they also have Capsul'in which allows you to use your favorite espresso in your Nespresso machine.

For tea lovers, there's a wide selection of tea capsules such as Twinings, Lipton, Tazo, Bigelow and Celestial, all by Keurig, and the new compatible capsules by Higgins & Burke. For those of you who like your tea steeped old school, they have a large selection of specialty tea bags. They also offer a selection of loose leaf teas which will be expanded upon in the near future. You can buy cute infusers for your tea or a travel mug which has a built in infuser for those on the run.

The shop also sells many fun and cute accessories. There are frothers which can be used for either hot or cold milk. To store your capsules, try out their storage units, which hold from 18-36 capsules. Check out the variety of coffee cups, insulated travel mugs and traditional stove top Italian cafetieres. They also have everything you need to clean your machine to keep it working at its best.

If you are looking for the single serve espresso machine by Caffitaly, it's here in a variety of amazing colors to accent any decor. Capsules for the Caffitaly machine are available in a large selection as well.

Foodie items and gift ideas can be found here too: gourmet hot chocolate and biscottis, flavored agave syrups, all natural organic jams, Torani flavored syrups and sauces and coffee and espresso beans.

Expect very friendly and helpful service with knowledgeable advice about all those flavors.

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Additional Information
Website www.javakap.com
E-mail info@javakap.com
Hours Mon-Wed 10-6, Thurs & Fri 10-8, Sat & Sun 10-5
4583 St. Charles Blvd. Kirkland QC H9H 3C7 514-675-4410 Main location
1655 boul. de l'Avenir Chomedey, Laval H7S 2N5 450-975-4410 Laval