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Talon Tire

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2607 rue Diab Ville St-Laurent, QC H4S 1E7
coin: rue Bois Franc
Tel: 514-337-0833

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Talon Tire is an independent tire dealer which has been in business since 1971, and specialize in quality tires for passenger cars, SUV's, vans and light trucks. It is one of the few tire shops that has been approved by the consumer watchdog organization, the Automobile Protection Association.

They are not just order takers - their staff has knowledge of a wide range of tire applications, and monitors the latest technological developments and trends in tire manufacturing. They can answer and questions about tires to help you make the right choice.

Some of the good reasons to buy your tires from them:

- Wheels are fastened on your car by first hand-threading the nuts and then hand-torquing them to manufacturer's specifications. When needed, you will be able to remove the wheels without frustration - No warped brake rotors or stripped threads or marred wheels.

- Even if they install only one tire, they check and adjust all your tire pressures, including the spare (Most of today's spares require 60 psi of air to support a car but frequently drop to 30 psi or less while sitting in the trunk.)

- Their repairs on flats are permanent and safe, since they use only quality chemical patches applied from the inside of the tire. Repairs done from the outside, without inspecting for internal damage, are only temporary, and can result in an eventual blowout.

- Their tire and wheel balancing is state-of-the-art. It's so uniquely accurate that consumers residing several hundred kilometers away go there to resolve their vibration complaints and leave with a smooth comfortable ride.

- Your "Mag" wheels are safe with them, as they use only the highest quality nylon-coated balancing weights. They won't change the plastic finish of your wheels or cause corrosion like regular lead weights.

Special tires can be bought here too. Talon Tire sponsors and supports grass roots Motorsports in Canada, and offer a wide range of competition tires. To help keep a cherished classic car on the road they stock over 20 sizes of hard-to-find vintage tires.

They now offer a hand car wash service. You can ask about their windshield treatment which will improve visibility in the rain and last up to 6 months.

With the help of the Automobile Protection Association, they've come up with some unique customer-oriented policies:

- There is no commission, so their staff won't propose a more profitable tire when it's not the right choice.
- There are no hidden extras in their price.
- Their road hazard guarantee provides a replacement tire based on the price you paid, and NOT on a higher suggested retail price which increases every year with inflation.

Money Back Guarantee. Talon Tire offers a two month or 1,500 mile / 2,000 kilometer free trial period for every tire that they recommend for your car and driving needs. If you don't like them, they'll refund you 100% of the purchase price.
Conditions and Exclusions: This protection does not cover the following: Race compound tires; tires that were not recommended by them for your car; shipping costs and customs duties, if applicable; tires returned to them with more than 2/32" of their original tread life worn away.

Since searching for the right tire for your vehicle can be difficult and time consuming, they've put together a Frequently Asked Question page. And if you don't understand some of the tire "lingo", check out the Tire Glossary. The Tire Talk section helps keep you informed of what is happening in the tire industry.

Talon Tire makes buying the right set of tires easy.

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